Finn Silhouette Month 6

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Apparently I only have time to release one a year these days. I also feel the need to make each one better then the last and so I spend more and more time on each one. Here is one that I designed using the ipad + apple pencil. Really had fun working on this one and took me quite a bit of time to complete. If you are one those persons that like to give a good care to your garden, you need to have an Electric Hedge Trimmer. In you can find the best electric hedge trimmer.


Finn Silhouette Month 4

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I’ve been absolutely slammed the last few weeks and have not had any time to work on this silhouette. I had a little bit of time this morning to finish it off and wanted to go ahead and post it. I wanted to do an illustration of the house that the kids are currently growing up in. This is the house that both of our children came home to from the hospital, which is pretty special. I know we will not be in this house forever but thought it would be something that our kids could look back on when they are older.


Finn Silhouette Month 3

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Lately I have been experimenting with making photos look like paintings for a project that I recently finished. I thought I would try my hand at turning Finn into a painting as well. I started with a crappy iPhone photo in low light and was able to get this out of it. I was pretty happy with the results because I didn’t know much and I had to find more info about it. This may be another silhouette that gets hung in Finn’s room.

Finn Silhouette Month 2

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In some ways doing a silhouette once a month is harder than doing one every week. While doing one each week you are constantly thinking about it, what to create next, preparing for it, designing and moving on to the next one. You have so much momentum to keep you going because your deadlines are so close. Although it is draining to do one a week, you always have your mind on it. Doing one every month allows you breaks in between each design and your mind is not always thinking about what you’re going to do next and the deadline kind of sneaks up on you and I always have all the right tools and material just in case, as a recommendation, Pexgle is the perfect tool to find winning products.

Along with that I have been having a hard time trying to stay motivated, specially now that my hair has been falling, I have been trying to stick to using the black castor oil for my hair. In all honesty, my mind has been everywhere else other than graphic design. But where do you turn when your income relies on design? Do you just push through and hope you don’t get burnt out? On top of that, having 2 kids just completely renovates your whole schedule. Finding the time to work on anything is tough, much less things that are personal projects like this. And let’s go ahead and add to the stack of things to complete: trying to record music and put out an album (which is a lot of fun but still requires a lot of time and effort).

In these last few months I have been looking for inspiration to help me out of this dilemma. I have been trying to find other creative outlets that inspire me like woodworking, which I find almost therapeutic at times. The woodworking has driven me greatly as of late, and has reminded me why I love designing/creating so much in the first place. Looking for other projects has reminded me how important it is to have inspiration and how that can spark excitement for what you’re working on.

While trying to prepare for this silhouette I decided to turn towards my inspiration… literally. I pieced this silhouette using designs that have inspired me in the past. While doing this I was able to look at the designs in a new way, to get a really close up look at the designs, the details and textures. It took quite some time to put together this nearly 200 piece puzzle but I found it fun to go through with something new in mind. So thank you to the designers who have shared your designs to inspire others. I hope others can find some inspiration in this as much as I have in the pieces it was built upon.


Finn Silhouette Month 1

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Well little Finn is 2 months old and so that means another silhouette. Here is the silhouette of him at 1 month old. I am having some fun breaking the format that I was using for Vie’s silhouettes. All the ones I did for her were in the same dimensions each time so breaking out of that gives me more freedom to expand on new ideas. This is an idea that I had last year but was unable to do it due to the lack of space on my canvas area before. I designed this poster at 14 in X 30 in so it’s pretty huge and I cant wait to print it up. Everything in this poster was designed in illustrator and photoshop. No photos (other then a wood texture) were used. I love all the detail in this one and really had fun creating all of the shadows and highlights.



Finn Silhouette Month 0

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It’s been about 6 months since my daughter turned one and my silhouette project for Vie ended. Ever since then I’ve been asked over and over again what was I going to do for the next child (who was due in late August). To be completely honest, I kept asking myself the same question. But much like most of the silhouettes that I did for Vie, I didn’t really know what I was going to do until it was time to sit down and start. I tried and tried to come up with other ideas but I always came back to the idea of making more silhouettes to go along with the ones that I had done for Vie. Plus, I am so happy with how the whole project turned out and I wanted to stretch even farther with this next Silhouette Project.  There is something so classic and timeless about a silhouette.

Last month my son Finn James Holloman was born and man, has it already changed everything. Finding the time to do one silhouette a week would be nearly impossible with the addition of this little guy. I’ve decided to create a silhouette once a month instead of once a week for time and sanity sake but will maintain keeping up with just the outlines of the silhouettes once a week.

Once I finished with the first outline of this silhouette I was curious to compare all the differences between Finn and Vie. It’s crazy to see all the differences in the two of them in more ways than just their outlines and I look forward in seeing all the other ways they are different and alike.

So without further ado, here is the first silhouette of the series for Finn. The first one here is a pretty simple poster really featuring the silhouette without much distraction. I wanted something that we could hang in his room. Maybe one day I will get it screen printed. The type inside the silhouette is all custom type, and if you look closely you will notice all of the multiple, custom textures and lines in the background. Enjoy and stay posted for the following months to come!


And in case you missed my Instagram last month, here is one of the photos of Finn 0 days old.

Silhouette Week 52

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So this silhouette concludes Vie’s Silhouette Project. Not saying that you won’t see any more, just saying that I have accomplished my goal and will now be taking a break from silhouettes for a little while (at least until I start the next baby project in September). In the meantime, there are other projects that I would like to spend some time on (like wood working, the next Beta Radio album and maybe some poster designs.)

I wanted this final silhouette to incorporate Vie’s entire first year and include some of my favorite parts of the project as a whole. I must admit, this project turned into so much more than I thought it would. Some weeks were more challenging then others but it opened so many opportunities, jobs and connections and expanded my skills to help me to really feel like I am apart of the design community

I hope that this project is something that Vie will grow to love. I hope it is something that she holds on to for years to come. Not everyone has something like this from their childhood and I hope she recognizes it and keeps it close to her heart.

This project has taught me so much and I encourage anyone that has the opportunity to do a weekly (or monthly) project to do it. It can be very intimidating to look at a project as the whole and knowing the time it is going to require. Not to mention coming up with new and fresh ideas but, I promise, the ideas do come and it is worth it. You never know what you can come up with and what you can accomplish until you actually make the attempt  Try and stretch yourself and do something that you have not done before. Give yourself a time limit but have fun. Don’t be afraid to fail or be caught trying something new. There were several designs that I almost gave up on but I stuck with them and some of them turned out to be favorites.

Thank you to everyone out there that has followed, posted, commented and encouraged me in this project. The encouraging comments and emails were great, especially during the weeks that I didn’t feel like doing it any more.

And a huge special thanks to my wife for helping me stick with it and watching Vie by yourself while I was off designing, cutting holes in walls, stringing paper and hanging it all over the place, and all the other crazy things this project has lead me to do. You knew what this project meant to me and I could not have finished it without your help.

Hopefully in the near future I will be working on a poster for these. If anyone is interested in buying a poster, let me know in the comments. I would love to see if there is any interest.

Silhouette Week 51

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Well it is drawing to a close: My daughter turns one tomorrow and then I start her final silhouette.

For this week’s silhouette I decided to experiment with a new technique. Sometimes, this is how I choose which direction I go for that week. I’m a fan of all types of design styles and it’s just one of the things I have really enjoyed about this project. Not only do I stretch myself in my own style, but I also test out other styles that I like and learn from the experience on those techniques. They don’t always turn out the way I plan, but for that week I’m trying something new and beyond what I would normally design. Having a week to do them also forces me to find creative solutions to finish them on time.

I went on a tangent there but I may go into that with more detail next week.

I recently came across this style and enjoyed the abstract nature of it so I thought I would try it out for my self. I hope you enjoy it.

Silhouette Week 50

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The big 5-0 is here. I’ve actually had this one done for a few days but haven’t had internet access to post it. I was in a cabin in the mountains for my sister in-laws wedding. We are back home now and hopefully done with traveling for a while. This week I had some fun with some geometric shapes. Fifty down and two more to go!

storage cabinet