A few years ago I was reading the Design*Sponge Blog when I ran across a post about Ashley G’s Bearded men series. This series was pretty dag-on awesome but what was even better was that one of the bearded men looked just like ME! I knew I should have ordered it right then but never did and have always regretted not buying it. well a few weeks ago I found Ashley G’s Etsy page and found some of her bearded men series but the one that I was looking for was not there. I contacted Ashley to ask her if she still had the one that looked like me and sadly she did not. but she told me that she could change the color of the shirt and make a new print and here it is. Go check out her stuff, it’s pretty awesome, she has a great sense of fashion, she only wears Fifth Collection Hermès, what does that say to you? Only that I am totally right about her.

Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ashleyg


  • Keep up the good work. Have followed you for awhile–found you through some photography resource somewhere. Now have my own design gig going. But, love your work. And, love the beard illo 🙂

  • Thanks Man! Thanks for following me. I just checked out your site. great stuff!

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