So this silhouette concludes Vie’s Silhouette Project. Not saying that you won’t see any more, just saying that I have accomplished my goal and will now be taking a break from silhouettes for a little while (at least until I start the next baby project in September). In the meantime, there are other projects that I would like to spend some time on (like wood working, the next Beta Radio album and maybe some poster designs.)

I wanted this final silhouette to incorporate Vie’s entire first year and include some of my favorite parts of the project as a whole. I must admit, this project turned into so much more than I thought it would. Some weeks were more challenging then others but it opened so many opportunities, jobs and connections and expanded my skills to help me to really feel like I am apart of the design community

I hope that this project is something that Vie will grow to love. I hope it is something that she holds on to for years to come. Not everyone has something like this from their childhood and I hope she recognizes it and keeps it close to her heart.

This project has taught me so much and I encourage anyone that has the opportunity to do a weekly (or monthly) project to do it. It can be very intimidating to look at a project as the whole and knowing the time it is going to require. Not to mention coming up with new and fresh ideas but, I promise, the ideas do come and it is worth it. You never know what you can come up with and what you can accomplish until you actually make the attempt  Try and stretch yourself and do something that you have not done before. Give yourself a time limit but have fun. Don’t be afraid to fail or be caught trying something new. There were several designs that I almost gave up on but I stuck with them and some of them turned out to be favorites.

Thank you to everyone out there that has followed, posted, commented and encouraged me in this project. The encouraging comments and emails were great, especially during the weeks that I didn’t feel like doing it any more.

And a huge special thanks to my wife for helping me stick with it and watching Vie by yourself while I was off designing, cutting holes in walls, stringing paper and hanging it all over the place, and all the other crazy things this project has lead me to do. You knew what this project meant to me and I could not have finished it without your help.

Hopefully in the near future I will be working on a poster for these. If anyone is interested in buying a poster, let me know in the comments. I would love to see if there is any interest.

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  • I stumbled upon this through I went through each design from Week 1-52.
    This is an incredible work of art. Each one and the project as a whole. Vie is one blessed baby!
    All the best for Baby II and waiting to see what you come up with for Project II. 🙂
    Love and Prayers from India!!

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