In some ways doing a silhouette once a month is harder than doing one every week. While doing one each week you are constantly thinking about it, what to create next, preparing for it, designing and moving on to the next one. You have so much momentum to keep you going because your deadlines are so close. Although it is draining to do one a week, you always have your mind on it. Doing one every month allows you breaks in between each design and your mind is not always thinking about what you’re going to do next and the deadline kind of sneaks up on you and I always have all the right tools and material just in case, as a recommendation, Pexgle is the perfect tool to find winning products.

Along with that I have been having a hard time trying to stay motivated, specially now that my hair has been falling, I have been trying to stick to using the black castor oil for my hair. In all honesty, my mind has been everywhere else other than graphic design. But where do you turn when your income relies on design? Do you just push through and hope you don’t get burnt out? On top of that, having 2 kids just completely renovates your whole schedule. Finding the time to work on anything is tough, much less things that are personal projects like this. And let’s go ahead and add to the stack of things to complete: trying to record music and put out an album (which is a lot of fun but still requires a lot of time and effort).

In these last few months I have been looking for inspiration to help me out of this dilemma. I have been trying to find other creative outlets that inspire me like woodworking, which I find almost therapeutic at times. The woodworking has driven me greatly as of late, and has reminded me why I love designing/creating so much in the first place. Looking for other projects has reminded me how important it is to have inspiration and how that can spark excitement for what you’re working on.

While trying to prepare for this silhouette I decided to turn towards my inspiration… literally. I pieced this silhouette using designs that have inspired me in the past. While doing this I was able to look at the designs in a new way, to get a really close up look at the designs, the details and textures. It took quite some time to put together this nearly 200 piece puzzle but I found it fun to go through with something new in mind. So thank you to the designers who have shared your designs to inspire others. I hope others can find some inspiration in this as much as I have in the pieces it was built upon.


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  • No matter what we do in life, it’s important to find our motivating factors, those things that remind us of our passion and why we do it. Thanks. Love ya, mom

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