Silhouette Week 51

April 22, 2013Silhouettes

Well it is drawing to a close: My daughter turns one tomorrow and then I start her final silhouette. For this week’s silhouette I decided to experiment with a new technique. Sometimes, this is how I choose which direction I go for that week….

Silhouette Week 50

April 14, 2013Silhouettes

The big 5-0 is here. I’ve actually had this one done for a few days but haven’t had internet access to post it. I was in a cabin in the mountains for my sister in-laws wedding. We are back home now and hopefully done with traveling for a while….

Silhouette Week 49

April 7, 2013Silhouettes

I’ve been traveling quite a bit recently and will be traveling even more coming up. One thing that I love to do while flying is to look down at the land and the clouds as we pass by. It’s so crazy and surreal to realize how high up you…