Silhouette Week 9

June 29, 2012Silhouettes

A “chip” off the old block. I have always loved to open electronics and see how they work. There is just something about circuitry that looks so cool. I thought I would try my hand at creating a computer chip. Really happy with the detail in…

Silhouette Week 8

June 21, 2012Silhouettes

I’ve been deciding wether or not I want to start breaking outside of the silhouette boundaries. Several of the ideas that I’ve been thinking about as of late have been ones that would reach outside the silhouette itself. Also decided to start…

Silhouette Week 7

June 13, 2012Silhouettes

Week 7 is here. The Vie Tree. Thought it would be fun to play with some tree rings this week. hope you like…

Luke and Cat’s Printed Material

June 12, 2012Branding, Print

Several weeks ago I got my hands on Luke and Cat’s new printed materials along with some fresh new letterpress business cards and man are they sweet! Flip through the images above to check them…

Silhouette Week 6

June 6, 2012Silhouettes

Here is this weeks silhouette. Its crazy how much her silhouette changes each week. This week was very much inspired by ISO50. Here are 6 birds for 6 weeks….