Silhouette Week 22

September 28, 2012Silhouettes

Vie is now 5 months old! Seems like just a few weeks ago that she was born. Everyday her personality shows through more and more. I wonder what kind of thoughts are swimming around in that sweet little head of hers. This week’s design is an ode…

Silhouette Week 21

September 19, 2012Silhouettes

I’ve had blueprints on the brain lately and so I thought I would design Vie’s blueprint for her silhouette. I really like the simplicity of this one. Another design I would love to get printed up really…

Silhouette Week 20

September 13, 2012Silhouettes

Remember Wooly Willy? Well here is Wooly Vie and her Magnetic Personality. Its a little blast from the past. I wish I could actually get one of these made so I could play with it. How fun would that…

Silhouette Week 19

September 7, 2012Silhouettes

As a designer, every once in a while you design something that doesn’t work for the client and you hold on to it hoping that one day the perfect project will come around for you to dust it off and use it again. Well this is one of those designs….