I’ve been traveling quite a bit recently and will be traveling even more coming up. One thing that I love to do while flying is to look down at the land and the clouds as we pass by. It’s so crazy and surreal to realize how high up you actually are while flying. It’s awesome to see all the passing houses, neighborhoods, bodies of water and beautiful patterns. The view is always amazing and it inspired this weeks silhouette.

Speaking of Houses… We are looking at building our own since we will be adding another member to our family coming in August/September. So in the next few months life will get even crazier trying to build and prepare for baby number 2. We will have to see what kind of project baby number 2 brings. Any Ideas? No, seriously, I need some ideas.

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  • Seriously, I have no “ideas” to give you today except “learn to breathe quietly and do some yoga-type exercises so you won’t lose your temper and tear the whole house down”. Because… two babies, so close? Typical situation for the “why the F*** haven’t I remained single and free? father syndrome”.

    Now just think of your wife : YOU ONLY HAD TO “find a new idea” to show Vie’s profile to us during the past year, but SHE did the HARDEST PART: giving her birth, and keeping her safe, warm, fed, etc. while you were just sitting in front of your computer, “playing” with Photoshop or whatever else brings life to a new profile of Vie each week.
    And SHE’ll have to go thru that, all over again!

    But don’t worry : a huge, mega-tsunami of LOVE should rapidly cure all your symptoms.

    My deepest and most sincere congrats for Baby 2.0 !

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