So this weeks silhouette is a bit different. About 3-4 months ago I had an idea for a silhouette that I wanted to do and didn’t know if it was going to be possible: A photo of a hole in the wall. I wanted this silhouette idea to actually be a photo but who on earth would let me cut a huge hole in their house. Well about a month ago, I remembered that some friends of mine were moving into a house they built in their front yard and were going to tear down their old one. I asked them if they minded if I cut a hole in their wall and they were all for the idea! So yesterday morning I got the supplies and went to their house and cut the hole. Today, I decorated the wall, had Vie and Amanda join me and took the photo I envisioned for the silhouette. This one turned out perfectly! I had several photos to choose from and had a tough time deciding on the perfect one. The above image was the winner but I added a few other ones that I liked as well. Hope you like them!



And here is an iphone shot while in progress. HEEEEEEEERES JOHNNY!

Huge Thanks to Martine and Jake for letting me cut holes in their walls and for taking that picture with both my wife and I in it and the process shot.


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