Finn Silhouette Month 6

August 15, 2016Personal, Silhouettes

Apparently I only have time to release one a year these days. I also feel the need to make each one better then the last and so I spend more and more time on each one. Here is one that I designed using the ipad + apple pencil. Really had fun…

Finn Silhouette Month 4

February 12, 2014Silhouettes

I’ve been absolutely slammed the last few weeks and have not had any time to work on this silhouette. I had a little bit of time this morning to finish it off and wanted to go ahead and post it. I wanted to do an illustration of the house that the…

Finn Silhouette Month 3

January 2, 2014Silhouettes

Lately I have been experimenting with making photos look like paintings for a project that I recently finished. I thought I would try my hand at turning Finn into a painting as well. I started with a crappy iPhone photo in low light and was able to…

Finn Silhouette Month 2

December 2, 2013Silhouettes

In some ways doing a silhouette once a month is harder than doing one every week. While doing one each week you are constantly thinking about it, what to create next, preparing for it, designing and moving on to the next one. You have so much…

Finn Silhouette Month 1

October 29, 2013Silhouettes

Well little Finn is 2 months old and so that means another silhouette. Here is the silhouette of him at 1 month old. I am having some fun breaking the format that I was using for Vie’s silhouettes. All the ones I did for her were in the same…

Finn Silhouette Month 0

September 30, 2013Silhouettes

It’s been about 6 months since my daughter turned one and my silhouette project for Vie ended. Ever since then I’ve been asked over and over again what was I going to do for the next child (who was due in late August). To be completely honest, I…

Silhouette Week 52

May 1, 2013Silhouettes

So this silhouette concludes Vie’s Silhouette Project. Not saying that you won’t see any more, just saying that I have accomplished my goal and will now be taking a break from silhouettes for a little while (at least until I start the next…

Silhouette Week 51

April 22, 2013Silhouettes

Well it is drawing to a close: My daughter turns one tomorrow and then I start her final silhouette. For this week’s silhouette I decided to experiment with a new technique. Sometimes, this is how I choose which direction I go for that week….

Silhouette Week 50

April 14, 2013Silhouettes

The big 5-0 is here. I’ve actually had this one done for a few days but haven’t had internet access to post it. I was in a cabin in the mountains for my sister in-laws wedding. We are back home now and hopefully done with traveling for a while….