The Shoot Booth is a photo booth run by Stacy and Matt Landry. (two, fun loving people obsessed with mustaches). I’ve worked with them before and always have a good time working on their projects. Matt and Stacy knew they wanted their booth to reflect something fun, as well as incorporate the idea of a mustache. I had the idea to make the “O’s” into the glasses and the ‘stache. To the right is one of the sketches that I did, which later turned into the final logo. After designing the original logo, I thought “why not have a logo where you can change the “props”? After all, it is a photobooth for people to switch in and out of different props. That’s when I created a few more styles of glasses and ‘staches for the Landrys to use throughout their branding.

Project: Logo
Client: Stacy and Matt Landry
3 words to describe their company: Fun, Funky, Silly




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