Luke and Cat are a couple of comical, outgoing photographers from Boling, Texas. I first met them when they scheduled a One-2-One workshop with my sister. I briefly spoke with them while they were visiting, and in that small amount of time, saw how great they were as people. They contacted me a few weeks later to work on a rebrand for their business, and I was excited to be a part.

When I asked them what they wanted in a logo here is what they said.

We want our logo to be professional and portray a sense of classiness and clout, but still be personal and familiar. We do not want a symbol or other mark (bird, tree, Nike swoosh) that becomes our logo. Some words we would use to describe our future branding are: classic, simple, natural, clean, timeless, personal, powerful, and fun.


Above you will see all the identity package items that I designed for them. Logo, Letterhead, Business cards, Note cards, stickers etc…

Project: Rebrand and Identity Package
Clients: Luke and Cat Neumeyr
Their company defined in 3 words: Peronal, Upscale, Energetic

View more photos of this project here.



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