It’s been about 6 months since my daughter turned one and my silhouette project for Vie ended. Ever since then I’ve been asked over and over again what was I going to do for the next child (who was due in late August). To be completely honest, I kept asking myself the same question. But much like most of the silhouettes that I did for Vie, I didn’t really know what I was going to do until it was time to sit down and start. I tried and tried to come up with other ideas but I always came back to the idea of making more silhouettes to go along with the ones that I had done for Vie. Plus, I am so happy with how the whole project turned out and I wanted to stretch even farther with this next Silhouette Project.  There is something so classic and timeless about a silhouette.

Last month my son Finn James Holloman was born and man, has it already changed everything. Finding the time to do one silhouette a week would be nearly impossible with the addition of this little guy. I’ve decided to create a silhouette once a month instead of once a week for time and sanity sake but will maintain keeping up with just the outlines of the silhouettes once a week.

Once I finished with the first outline of this silhouette I was curious to compare all the differences between Finn and Vie. It’s crazy to see all the differences in the two of them in more ways than just their outlines and I look forward in seeing all the other ways they are different and alike.

So without further ado, here is the first silhouette of the series for Finn. The first one here is a pretty simple poster really featuring the silhouette without much distraction. I wanted something that we could hang in his room. Maybe one day I will get it screen printed. The type inside the silhouette is all custom type, and if you look closely you will notice all of the multiple, custom textures and lines in the background. Enjoy and stay posted for the following months to come!


And in case you missed my Instagram last month, here is one of the photos of Finn 0 days old.

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