When I first talked to Dani of Van Steelandt Photography there were a few things I learned about her:
1. She loved Tim Burton
2. She loved crests
3. She wanted something gritty for her logo.

What I noticed about her original logo was that it was too crisp and clean, and didn’t match who she was a photographer. One of the first concepts I created (which resulted in the final logo design) was a crest. I worked on a few different options and landed on the one above.


For the Type, I used a brush and ink technique. I thought that a quick rough style of hand writing would mimic a Tim Burton feel and compliment the crest. I drew about 4 pages of the company name and narrowed them back to the best 10. Once I narrowed it down, I had the client help pick their favorite one. As you can see above, the type stayed pretty close to the original drawing.

Project: Logo Rebrand
Client: Van Steelandt Photography
3 words that describe this company: Compassionate, Passionate, Eccentric


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