Aside from being a Graphic Designer, I am also a Photographer for my sister’s company, Millie Holloman Photography. I’ve been doing the graphic design for my sister since she started her company. In 2011, she decided to completely rebrand her entire company from the ground up. She wanted something fun, personal, and hand crafted. Early on she knew she wanted stamps to play a big part in her new brand, so we designed a large set of stamps for her to use throughout her brand (seen above).

One thing about this branding that makes it unique is the business card. Millie wanted to combine a hand crafted feel as well as add some elements of letterpress, we decided to have her business cards letterpressed on one side and blank on the other. Since Millie runs a multiple photographer business we decided to create a custom stamp for each photographer so they could stamp their information on the blank side of the business card ( name, number, email, etc…).


I don’t normally do web design but since I work in the office with Millie, I figured I would go for it. I enlisted the help of my good friend William Wetherill to do the coding for me. We worked very closely with one another on every detail and with the help of Millie, we were able to create a website and blog that was informative and thoughtful.


Project: Rebrand and Identity Package
Client: Millie Holloman Photography
3 Words that describe the company: Fun, Classic, Fresh


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