Courtyards & Cobblestones is a guided tour that features wedding venues in downtown Wilmington, NC.  The future brides, grooms and their family and friends could take a guided tour from venue to venue, and actually see each location staged as a wedding/reception. Every event space also represented one vendor for every area of service that helps bring a wedding together (design, photography, food, cake, music, DJ, etc…). This gave the couples on the tour a chance to speak with the vendors and connect with them in a more direct way.


For the branding, C & C wanted to go with a vintage/historic look to match the surrounding downtown area. The brick in most old cobblestone roads, originally had a brand pressed into it. I took some pictures of the old bricks downtown and photoshopped the logo into them. This branded brick is what we primarily used for their printed materials.


Project: Logo
Client: Courtyards & Cobblestones

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