Only 4 more to go. This weeks Silhouette was inspired by wooden puzzles for kids. Anybody out there want to make this into a real puzzle for me?


  • Hi – I’m still following your blog, it’s now become a weekly habit for me, so I’m a bit sad because there’s only four more to go.

    But I do hope you’ll end with a bang (anything, but… you know what I mean) on Week 52.

    Shall we see more of Vie’s profiles in the future, maybe in a different form ? Because I gotta admit it, I really love your work, man.

    Even if I’m 4 weeks early, I’m not sure I’ll have time to say it later, so please give a special kiss to Vie from me for her first birthday. She’s still too young to understand, but sometime in her future, say her how much we’ve loved to see her father transforming the first year of her life (la première année de la vie de Vie) into such a beautiful work of art !

    Last but not least : could you please add my @ddy to your contacts: if you decide to publish some kind of newsletter or whatever other project in the future, I’m already subscribing!

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