Week 42 is here with only 10 more weeks left till she turns 1 year old. The countdown begins. This year has just flown by so fast!

Wanted to play around with some geometric shapes this week, really like how it came out. Also, if you are into geometric design then check out geometrydaily.tumblr.com. Amazing stuff and a new one every day. That’s impressive!


  • brent, millie shared week 36 with me last night and i’m just amazed at the beautiful labor of love this is. you run deep and i’m grateful for time spent in the company of your exquisite family. #1 holloman family fan, -melanie-

  • I’ve just discovered your work thru a French geek newsletter (http://dailygeekshow.com/2013/02/24/un-pere-reproduit-le-visage-de-sa-fille-chaque-semaine-de-1001-facons-differentes/) and I’d just like to say BRAVO, you’re a wonderful father AND a great artist. As I said in my comment (in French) Vie should have a “book” thicker than a dictionary before she turns 15 ! So don’t let her transform into an anorexic top model before she reaches her 20s.

    I also admire your obviously very professional use of Photoshop (or whatever other program you’re using to re-shape an island, fried egg, piece of meat, etc) and your sense of humour, my 2 funny favs being the “poop-eat-sleep” and the milk labyrinth.

    I guess you already know that Vie in French means “life” so your daughter’s nickname is also exceptional – what you might not know is that Geneviève is the saint patron of my birthplace and hometown, Paris. Our tradition says that in year 451 A.D. her “prayer marathon” was strong enough to divert Attila’s Huns troops away from our city. Some story to tell to Vie when she’ll be old enough to understand!

    Meanwhile, take care of Vie and continue this unique saga! Greetings from Paris, R.M.

    P.S. Despite my finding this page thru a “geek” site, I ain’t no geek at all, so if you could just tell me how to subscribe to your “Silhouette” blog so I may admire Vie’s next “profiles”, it would be great.

  • Thank you so much for checking out my site. The Daily Geek Show did a great write up (from what I could read with google translation).

    My plan is to make a book on the first year of her life with the silhouettes and pictures mixed in. A poster is also in the plans once I am finished.

    In my 7th silhouette (http://brentholloman.com/2012/06/silhouette-week-7/) I reference the nick name Vie with the title “the Vie Tree” meaning the “tree of life”. The patron saint story is interesting. I’ll have to look that up.

    to subscribe to the blog just go to the blog and click on the bottom link in the side bar that says “My RSS Feed.” Hope that helps. Thanks for writing!

  • Thanx for the RSS trick, Brent. I have “subscribed” and it has added your blog name in my Favs menu bar, so I guess this worked.

    If you want to know more about the real Geneviève, a good place to start would be (how original !) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genevieve
    Here’s a real beautiful pic of our statue of St. Geneviève, with Notre-Dame cathedral in b/g :
    Unlike Notre-Dame, of which we celebrate the 850th “birthday” in 2013, this statue ain’t very old, erected in 1928 – but it’s rather famous here, just like the district nearby, called “Montagne St. Geneviève” situated on the west bank of the Seine. Of course we have no “mountains” here in Paris, just small hills, and Mt St. G. is much lower than the worldwide-known Montmartre, but its interest lies in being situated in the oldest part of Paris, back to the Roman empire ages.
    On the blog page from which I extracted and enlarged this photo, somebody nicely commented “it seems she’s still keeping watch over Paris and the Seine”…

    So when your sweet babe Vie is old enough to understand, just tell her the story of her namesake, an ordinary woman who prayed for freedom and is, still now, THE symbol of the “resistance” of our city and its people against oppression during various invasions and conflicts throughout the ages, from the Vikings to the Nazis. A very influential name for a beautiful little girl.

    Greetings from cold Paris at 03:15 am!

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